"My great ancestors stood upon these grounds and declared Rome to be the greatest nation under the stars. Through my leadership, I intend to do the very same, and once again make our people climb to the top. With your help, Rome shall rise from the ashes, and from them, a new, greater Empire will emerge." - Aulus Aurelius during a speech in Rome

Aulus Aurelius



Augustus Aurelius



Biographical Characteristics

MaleIcon Male

Years of Age

39 Years Old

Date of Birth

April 26th, 1987


Rome, Italy

Physical Characteristics



6'1" approx.


189lbs approx.

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Characteristics

Roman Empire


Emperor of the Empire

Marital Information
Marital Status




Personal Information
Mental Alignment

Neutral Evil





Aulus Aurelius is the self-proclaimed Emperor of the new Roman Empire, a famed war veteran with an impressive record under his belt, and the leader/founder of the Romano Imperiale political party. Idolized by almost all within the Italian military, Aulus claims to be a direct descendant of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, one of the last great Roman leaders. Using his power and influence over the Italian people as one of their most beloved leaders, Aurelius controlled much of the Italian parliament and Council of Ministers through the members of Romano Imperiale, and hopes to one day reinstate the Roman Empire as well as its ideals and government style, allowing the Italian people to once again reclaim their glory lost to many generations of failures.

However, after the current President of Italy perished due to the effects of the Blood Plague, Aulus Aurelius used the remaining members of the Italian Council of Ministers to proclaim himself the head of state and Emperor of the Empire, ascending from the position of Imperator of the Italian Armed Forces. He now aims to reform the government in his design.


Aulus Aurelius is every bit the Roman stereotype. Though quite young in terms of his position, he is well over six feet tall, and sports an athletic build while maintaining a somewhat slim figure. His hair is a light brown, almost blonde, and is typically seen combed upwards while still remaining curly.

He is not a fan of facial hair, and tends to cut it in order to remain clean shaven. When he does sport facial hair, it is non-distracting, and is usually only a light goatee that almost fades into invisibility due to its lightness.

He has a singular scar that crosses across his left cheek, though he does not make any attempt to hide it, as he wears it like a trophy of his past achievements.

He is generally seen donning Roman Imperial-style military gear, though he is well aware it offers no protection against modern day weaponry. Despite requests to wear his proper uniform, he has always gotten away with his outfit of choice. A red with gold trim side-cape hangs to his left side, covering his left arm and the authentic Roman gladius he carries.

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