"He Made a name for himself: Reckless. Stupid, yet he always manages to pull through somehow. Maybe I need to get a sense of humour; like that asshat does."

- 'White Knight'.

Black Knight, referred to simply as 'Knight', by his colleagues and associates, currently holds the position of Security Veteran within Cerberus Contracting Co.

A seasoned practitioner of manipulation and deception, he pursues his targets relentlessly with brutal efficiency, using anyone or anything, to his advantage.

"I'm the Fairy Godmother." - Black Knight, to Abraxas, as a response to when he asked for his identity.

- 'Black Knight'


Custom Combat Suit

M.P.A.E.C - Multipurpose Pragmatic Adaptive Environmental Combat armour.

A custom suit of armour built to handle a variety of hostile environments in numerous combat scenarios.

The helmet is purposefully fitted with an on-screen display that allows the user to accurately differentiate between hostiles and allies, as well as those deemed irrelevant to the current situation. Different settings allows for headlights and night vision. Headlight settings may be amplified as a practical means of blinding a target.

The suit provides above mediocre protection against general and light fire arms - but can be overwhelmed through sustained fire concentrated at weakened areas as well as explosive ordinance. Upon impact, kinetic energy is transferred to assist with increased movement and improved auditory inputs from the environment. Audio can be filtered out accordingly.

Magnetic holsters beside the legs allows for a maximum of two SMG type weapons to be stored. Extendable wrist compartment allows storage of small fire arms, or grenades. Larger weaponry cannot be stored here as to avoid imposing movement hindrance.

A single assault rifle may be magnetically attached to the back of the suit.


It could be said that Knight's personality is that of one whom tends to objectify most allies and enemies alike as the pieces of a puzzle. Rarely does he consider some to be true allies or friends. 'White Knight', is an exception to his rule of objectivity and dehumanisation of others. With that in mind, he holds the traits that would make up an excellent leader-type figure.

Though much of these talents are used for maximum efficiency in completing a proposed objective or carrying out a plan into the next phase, it rarely means the consideration of the wellbeing of his colleagues during a combat or exploration expedition into hazardous territory. He exploits the traits of his 'tools', and uses them to advance his personal goals as well as Cerberus's.


Damian is almost never seen without his suit, even when significant damages to the armour has been sustained. He refuses to answer questions about his family. Despite this, however, he does accept involving 'White Knight' in the few conversations he has had with many of the members of Cerberus.

One of the few cases he has been seen without the suit is in the case of necessary repairs or upgrades that must be implemented into it.

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