"You and me, right now-- we settle this through blood price. I'll prove my point one way or another."

-- Agent Fugazy to Deputy Director Spyker in the Libya vault

Blood Price is a term and act used within Cerberus Contracting-- as it originates from there. This act is initiated through certain parameters are met by two parties within the company, and is supervised by a superior nearby.

Such blood price is enacted when two operators have a dispute towards each other that can't be settled through diplomacy or negotiation. The Blood Price is initiated by the offended operator, who then calls out his/her opponent. They dispute in a ring supervised by a Veteran or higher who will end the dispute when they deem the matter has been settled.

Blood Price ends when the offended operator gets their "fill of blood" from the offending operator, hence fufilling the blood price. There are no forms of weapons permitted during a blood price, any weapons being used or attempted to be used will be considered foul play and the supervisor of the fight will immediately stop the fight and restrain the offender.

No set punishment exists, as it depends on how severe the offense of foul play is. But it is generally an extreme punishment.

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