Cerberus Contracting, or CerCon for short, was created in 2016 by three like-minded individuals that sought to create a military force not restricted by conventional warfare. With private funding and training provided by two of the founders, CerCon grew from a small taskforce to one of the most respected and feared PMCs in the world.


Cerberus Contracting was founded by Rook Bowman, Aaron Spyker and Gideon K'ranas in the year of 2016. Originally starting off has the topic of late night discussions, it wasn't until Gideon had revealed that he owned a small military force that stationed on a floating base in the Atlantic Ocean. Offering funding and positions as founders of the newly formed militia, Gideon only asked for Rook and Aaron's training regime in return.

Flying out to the base, Rook and Aaron immediately began to train the soldiers on all matters of warfare. Counter-terrorism, interrogation, torture, psy-ops, technical training - among others.

Gideon's Death

After the training had been completed, Gideon went MIA for almost two weeks. During the investigation of his personal belongings, it was revealed in his journal that he had planned to take his own life and leave the militia to Rook and Aaron, along with the resources needed to continue its success.

In honor of Gideon, Rook and Aaron decided to rename to PMC to "Cerberus Contracting", the three-headed dog of Greek Mythology origin being a moniker that represented all three founders.

Rook's Death

Not long after their contract in Libya, Rook Bowman vanished which caused the Libya vault to be destroyed as per contingency orders. After months of silence from the former Director, a message had been sent to the current vault showing an isolated area in Germany. It was there that Rook had revealed his true alias, Anton Hock, and the existence of his only son, Roland. Rook requested that Aaron found his son to replace him before taking his own life and causing the Hellfire Contingency to orbital bomb his last location.

Current Status

CerCon still functions even with the death of two of the founders. Aaron Spyker, the last survivor, is now the sole Director.

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