"God damn these things are comfortable."

- Unknown Operator

The Cerberus Combat Uniform, (CCU for short) is the standard issue uniform utilized by all operators within Cerberus. Each uniform, regardless of Division or if a member of the DU, links to the Network via the HUD in each operator's helmet. Some members have made modifications to the CCU so that Network access can be used even without a helmet.

Standard CCU

The standard CCU used by operators on Motherbase Styx and in Vaults are patterned in black and white camo, but the actual style of uniform varies per division. There is currently no SOP for what loadout an operator may carry.

The standard CCU has variations depending on rank, as an operator rises in ranks, more armor padding is added to the CCU for easier identification by other operators.


The HUD that displays in the helmet allows the user to see their surroundings even if they aren't directly using the helmet's visor. By utilizing the HUD instead of their own eyes, Operators can be immuned to flashbang grenades and utilize the HUD's infrared system to see through smoke grenades.

The visor lights up in three different colors. When the visor shines blue, the operator is currently scanning the battlefield, this is also considered "neutral mode". There is no immediate threat detected.

Yellow means caution, scans have confirmed enemy presence. The operator is not currently engaged in combat. The visor will not return to Neutral until all hostiles have been cleared from the area.

Red means engaged. Meant as a means of demoralizing the enemy, the visor will remain red until hostiles are cleared. The visor will then go to yellow until confirmation of an all-clear, then returning to Neutral.

The helmet has a built-in gasmask to prevent operators from becoming victims of chemical warfare.

The Uniform

Armor plating made of kevlar w/ a fiber mesh with carbon fiber and sometimes even tungsten allows the operator protection as well as flexibility. This is the material used for the standard CCU.

The DU CCU is made of variations of materials and the more advanced suits, also known as Warmachines, are made of Anjelium.

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