Cerberus Contracting has multiple contingencies that were placed throughout the Network by the former Director, Rook Bowman. While most contingencies were automatic, some required either Director-level clearance or were only usable by Rook Bowman himself. After his death, the following contingency plans were made available for view for all Operators that had Director-level status.

Contingency: Lockout

In the event of a rogue operator, any Director could use this contingency to prevent them from causing harm to other operators. The Lockout would disable the HUD and radio of the rogue, but would send a current message to all operators connected to the Network through their own HUD, alerting them of the betrayal. Any operator that is locked out of their suit is considered an enemy of Cerberus and should be eliminated immediately.

Contingency: Hellfire

The Hellfire Contingency was only used once, as its direct purpose is to bombard the last location of Rook Bowman in order to prevent Cerberus enemies from taking his body or in the event of a vault-breach where Cerberus is overwhelmed by the enemy. This is one of the few contingencies that would effectively purge any sign of Cerberus' existence in an area.

Contingency: Director MIA

In the event that the current Director goes MIA, the Network would remove his/her clearance from the Network to prevent Cerberus' enemies from gaining access. Until the status of the MIA Director is updated, the Deputy Director would assume Director status and the previous Cerberus Special Operations Commander would assume Deputy Director. Any redacted or expunged information on the MIA Director would be accessible by the new Director.

Contingency: Sight Purge

The Sight Purge contingency is automatically activated by the Network once Operators leave the many vaults scattered throughout the world and the vault is deemed to be of no further use. Once this contingency is active, Cerberus operators are ordered to vacate the vault and retrieve what they can within 24 hours. After those 24 hours, the vault is cleared for all life via fire and subroutines wipe all terminals in the Vault. The vault remains as an empty shell, unusable to the outside world.

Contingency: Freedom

This contingency allows the Operators full access to their suits. This would allow each Operator to customize their HUD feed at any time as well permitting them to have access to the Network without the use of a terminal. The Lockout Contingency is completely useless once Freedom is activated, and must be reset by the current Director. This contingency can only be used by the phrase, "Let loose the dogs of war."

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