This page is dedicated to the many jokes and memes created by the members of Cerberus during it's two years of activity.

  • Pale's 2Legit2Quit Guns
  • "Cerberus Technology"
  • Seal the Vault
  • "Melina's After School Activities"
  • "Getting Gideon'd"
  • "Going to Space"
  • Libya
  • That Day Between July 3rd and July 5th
  • Contract Termination
  • Pulling an Abraxas
  • Cerberus Daycare
  • SNAP
  • The Skull of Rook Bowman Sneezes
  • Self Lubricating Canes
  • Colonel Coleman
  • Sergeant Evans
  • Combat Arms-Cerberus Connection.
  • Director Caneman
  • David. Fucking. Doe.
  • Godd Howard
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