noun. a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army, one who is primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics.

Founded in 2016 by Directors Rook Bowman, Aaron Spyker, and Gideon K'ranas, Cerberus Contracting has become the world's most prominent and most recognizable private military company. From humble beginnings to world wide infamy, the organization has gone through many ups and downs throughout the ten years it has existed.

With every action constantly being observed by the world, and with many major players such as the United Nations and the British Confederacy making it their mission to destroy it, Cerberus Contracting must now deploy the forces of its most well respected and elite members, the Director's Unit.

However, their goal has evolved from that of simply becoming rich and famous; corrupt governments and world leaders plague the Earth, and with very few willing to put themselves on the line to defend the weak, Cerberus Contracting answers the call, intending to cleanse the world.

The ends justify the means, right?

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