"This is the Confederation of the New British States, also known as the British Confederation. Ruled by an oligarchy of nine Wisemen, the situation there is comparable to that of Nazi Germany during the second World War."

-- Director Aaron Spyker while briefing the Director's Unit on the mission ahead

The Confederation of the New British States, sometimes referred to simply as the British Confederation or British States, is a sovereign nation encompassing the entirety of the British Isles, including Ireland. Once a democratic nation ruled by a just monarch, the country was converted to a corporatocracy by its current leaders, the Wisemen.

Known for its apparent mistreatment of its citizens, as well as its total control over the media, the British Confederation's borders are completely sealed off to outsiders while its population is regulated by its technologically superior military.



With a rich history of conquest, especially where its predecessor state the British Empire was concerned, the country has always made a great place for businesses looking to feed off of the war industry. This being the case, corporate titans finding their way to its shores and setting up shop was all but inevitable. While most enjoyed the comfort of their large businesses' success in a penthouse or mansion that shows off their wealth, others were never satisfied with the state of affairs of the nation. Behind closed doors, major players in the business world had always dreamed of a nation tailored to their specific corporate wants. However, nobody expected it to actually become a reality.

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