"A unit comprised of most, if not all, of the leaders of the organization, along with their most elite soldiers. Unfortunately, we have not been able to track down their location."

-- Chairman Damien Krane of HADES to his Vice Chairman, Zachary Croft

The Director's Unit, also sometimes abbreviated as the DU, is an elite unit of Cerberus Contracting containing the leaders of the organization, as well as its most elite personnel. Housing the Director and his so-called advisers in charge of their respective divisions, the unit does most of the company's dirty work, and is generally the group of individuals most publicly displayed.


Active Members

Inactive Members

  • Rook Bowman
  • Gideon K'ranas (deceased, KIA presumably)
  • Special Operator Kevin 'Abraxas' Clarkson (deceased, suicide at Vault Regime)
  • Veteran Smith (alive, pronounced KIA on a scouting mission)
  • 'Blackjack' (deceased, incident within Motherbase Styx)
  • Veteran Amber 'White Knight' Rose (missing-in-action)
  • Veteran Ozone (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • First Lieutenant Roger 'Reaper' McTosh (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Patriot Endra (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Special Operator Jade (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Special Operator Kaleen (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Agent Kingpin (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Agent Woody (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Agent Dag (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Patriot Kate 'Merlin' Constantine (retired)
  • Agent Pip (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Agent Rookie (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Patriot Erebus (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Veteran Deadly (deceased, KIA at Libya)
  • Alton 'Preacher' Price
  • Varian 'Anduin' Vacario
  • Damian 'Black Knight' Rose
  • Helgan 'Crusader' Herrmann
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