"You gentlemen wouldn't happen to believe me if I told you I was serious, would you?"

-- Gideon to Rook Bowman and Aaron Spyker days before revealing his mercenary forces to them

Gideon K'ranas, sometimes referred to as the Benefactor, was one of the three men who founded the international private military company Cerberus Contracting. Along with friends Rook Bowman and Aaron Spyker, mercenary forces collected in his previous contracting exploits in Africa became the basis for what would eventually become the world's most widely known military contracting organization. K'ranas provided the funds necessary to kick start it, causing the other two leaders to refer to him jokingly as their benefactor.

Before the organization was able to lift off its feet, however, Gideon disappeared for nearly two weeks. Found in his personal cabin in the New England area, it was discovered that he had committed suicide after handing off his mercenary soldiers to Bowman and Spyker. Such was his wish, as stated in his personal journal. He died at the age of 31. The remaining two carried on his legacy with pride.

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