Knockers and Snatch Enterprises was a high level crime family operating under the facade of a car dealership. Working mainly out of Rockford in the United States of America, founders Peter Knockers and Ronald Snatch were early pawns of Cerberus Contracting's rise to power, under the "control" of Ryan Knox.

Using the power and influence of the Knockers and Snatch crime family in the criminal world, Ryan Knox, before the creation of Cerberus Contracting, was successfully able to track down the perpetrators behind the unlawful murder of his wife.

For years to come, even into the founding of the private military company, Knockers and Snatch was responsible for much of the information gathered by the organization, using its wealth to influence 'politics' in the criminal underworld in Cerberus' favor.


The Knockers and Snatch Enterprises logo alongside their motto.

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