"Once Leonidas and His 300 Spartans enter the war, Cerberus will uphold an iron fist upon the battlefield."

-- Commander Adamantite revealing to The Director of his intentions

The Leonidas Project (codenamed as Leonidas and His 300 Spartans) is a major project within Cerberus Contracting's R&D division where they build warmachines specifically with the intent of making CerCon nearly unstoppable. The operation is being led by Commander Adamantite, the personnel who control these said machines are called Kriegs-- and require specific training depending on the machine.

Each warmachine requires one extreme attribute of a Krieg for it to be operated at maximum efficiency, examples can be that The Saint requires extreme endurance, whilst The Helioskyr requires exalted hand-eye coordination and focus.

Known Warmachines

  • The Saint [#001, Suit] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Beast of War [#002, Mech] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The Helioskyr [#003, Aircraft] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Tankfist [#004, Land Vehicle] (COMPLETED, ready for deployment)
  • The Eyes of God [#005, Augment] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Tankhunter [#006, Firearm] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The Redeemer [#007, Medical Tool] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The Almighty [#008, Firearm] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The Crusader [#009, Melee] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The First Sin [#010, Misc.] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Berserker [#011, Suit] (COMPLETED, prototype)
  • The Eye of Athena [#012, Misc.] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Whirlwind [#013, Misc.] (COMPLETED, in deployment)
  • The Nautilus [#013, Aquatic Vehicle] (CONSTRUCTING)
  • The Excalibur [#014, Aircraft] (CONSTRUCTING)
  • The King [#015, Aircraft] (CONSTRUCTING)
  • The Shepard [#016, Misc.] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
  • The Forsaken [#017, Mech] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
  • The Vindicator [#018, Mech] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
  • The Falconer [#019, Bow] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
  • The Deviant [#020, Suit] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
  • The Call [#021, WMD] (NOT CONSTRUCTED)
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