"We were unprepared and we lost a great deal of men and women because of it. Libya will go down in Cerberus history as a massacre, but I can promise that this will never happen again."

-- Rook addressing personnel at Motherbase Styx

The Massacre at Libya (unofficial name) was a large event that took place during the Cerberus operations in the country of Libya. It is a infamous moment for being the most Cerberus casualties during their stay at Libya, due to so there were very little survivors.

After the massacre, the remaining DU were sent to Motherbase Styx for recovery.



Of the massacre, seven operators survived the incident. Director Rook Bowman and Deputy Director Aaron Spyker survived, but were not directly involved with the operation. Two of which retired after the incident.


The following is a list of those killed in action, as well as the determined cause of death.

  • CCIX. Deadly (Death by Helicopter Crash)
  • CCIX. Jade (Death by Helicopter Crash)
  • CCIX. Kaleen (Death by Helicopter Crash)
  • CCIX. Crow (Death by Firing Squad)
  • CCI2. Reaper (Death by Firing Squad)
  • CCI3. Ozone (Death by Sniper)
  • CCI3. Endra (Death by Asphyxiation & Rape)
  • CCI3. Erebus (Death by IED)
  • CCI3. Atlas (Death by Blood Loss)
  • CCI4. Kingpin (Death by Blood Loss)
  • CCI4. Woody (Death by Sniper)
  • CCI4. Dag (Death by Blood Loss)
  • CCI4. Pip (Death by Firing Squad)
  • CCI4. Palehorse (Death by Grenade)
  • CCI4. Rookie (Death by Explosion)
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