"Tyranny will be crushed under Cerberus Contracting's feet, it's just a matter of time." -- Melina Ozpin, speaking to the Director's Unit.

Melina Ozpin
Melina Ozpin

Deputy Director


Emma Wallin
Megan Roswald


Black Rider
The Deputy

Biographical Characteristics

FemaleIcon Female

Years of Age


Date of Birth

September 8th, 1982.


Moscow, Russia,

Physical Characteristics





163.8 Lb.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Characteristics

Cerberus Contracting.

Former Affiliation(s)

Russian Federation Special Forces (Spetsnaz)


Medical Commander



Marital Information




Personal Information
Mental Alignment

Lawful Neutral.




Alive, Active.

Cause of Death


Melina Ozpin, is the current standing Deputy Director of Cerberus Contracting, and has been for the past year. Joining Cerberus in the summer of 2019, she was recruited by Crow, the first Special Operations Commander, and later her mentor.

In a short time span, she quickly grew from Agent, to Veteran, skipping the rank of Patriot. However soon afterwards she went into the CSO program, soon enough she was in charge of the CSO program. Later on, she became the Director and Deputy Director when Rook Bowman and Aaron Spyker went missing.

Physical Description.

Melina is a fairly lanky figure standing at 5'7 and only around 163 pounds. She seems to be around 25 years of age, however only few know her actual age. Her older side can be seen in her angered or depressed moods.

On the cosmetics side, she is fairly scarred and has several visual features. Usually when she is training, there is a visible sword tattoo on her lower neck and down her back. She also has several scars on her back, running from her shoulders down to her lower back, covering her entire back.

Her brown hair is usually spotted in a pony tail during combat or serious matters, however during relaxation her hair is usually visible laid down, covering her upper back and shoulders. During these times she can be seen walking swiftly, with several clanky movements, due to her longer legs.

Her voice is usually is a soft spoken tone, being calm around old friends, however in serious situations, meetings, or any other matters it goes to a cold, dead, tone. Her voice is only usually in a soft spoken tone when near trusted veterans, friends, and family.


Melina's personality is an extremely patient and calm individual, most of the time seen joking around. Rarely however her anger has flared up. It would seem the best way to flare up this anger would be via failure, almost everything else not affecting her. In some cases however she will deceive her 'victim' into a false state of security before become extremely tempered. Disobedience, failure, irritably are her main flare points.

Other then her main anger points, she is usually in a friendly attitude, around old friends and family. Joking around, training, and sparking a conversation are seen when she isn't in her office. Her personality can change depending on the situation in moments.

Mastered Areas.

Melina, being the Deputy Director, and serving under Spetsnaz, has a large skill range. She has mastered several areas.

  • Close Quarters Combat. (CQC.)
  • Combat Rifles.
  • Assassinations.
  • Sabotage.
  • Torture/Interrogation.
  • Scouting.
  • Philosophy.
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