"The headquarters in Seattle simply acts as the face of our organization. You did not believe that it housed the entirety of the company, did you?"

-- Deputy Director Aaron Spyker to a new member of the Director's Unit

Motherbase Styx, also known as the Motherbase, or more informally as just Styx, serves as the main base of operations and headquarters facility for the private military organization Cerberus Contracting. Requisitioned by Director Rook Bowman and Deputy Director Aaron Spyker before their disappearances prior to 2023, the entirety of the complex is submerged underwater in international waters in the Atlantic Ocean, keeping it entirely hidden from satellite imagery and most other means of detection. The Motherbase can only be accessed through submersible transportation or pads that rise out of the water to retrieve vehicles attempting to enter.

Background Information


Seeing the growing fame -- and infamy -- of their private military company, leaders Director Rook Bowman and Deputy Director Aaron Spyker realized that housing everything and anything Cerberus within their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States was quickly becoming a bad idea. Though the location in Washington was rather sizable itself, the organization made efforts to construct the underwater complex in complete secrecy, knowing it would be useful right from its completion. The Director and Deputy Director made absolute sure the hidden complex contained facilities for most, if not all, of the duties required of their contracting company.


"With all due respect, my dear friend, Headquarters Hades simply doesn't roll off the tongue quite as nicely."

-- Director Rook Bowman to Deputy Director Aaron Spyker

A throwback to some of the earliest days of Cerberus Contracting's existence, the underwater complex's official name was debated between the Director and Deputy Director at the time of its completion. In an attempt to settle the simple dispute between them, Bowman challenged Spyker to a friendly game of chess. Though both of the men were rather talented at the board game, the Director eventually won. Named after the first building to act as a temporary home for the Director's Unit -- Outpost Styx -- the victor was rather happy with the result, much to the Deputy Director's amusement.

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