"Over fifty million people call the city that never sleeps home, yet it is the epicenter for much of the world's evil."

- Director Aaron Spyker

New York City is the largest city on Earth, surpassing even Tokyo and Greater London in population by tens of millions. Located in the United States of America, the city is home to around fifty million citizens, making it the center of American society on the east coast as well as the pride of the country's eastern coast.

Furthermore, New York City is the world's most advanced city, housing skyscrapers that reach unprecedented and unimaginable heights. Apartment complexes span to over a three hundred stories, while the Eternity Tower stands in the center of the megalopolis at over five thousand feet. Responsible for the day to day operations of the United Nations, the Eternity Tower has several small airstrips high up which allow for planes to depart and return to the spire with ease. This total secrecy and security presence of any floor past thirty five, as well as rumors of a sprawling underground complex, have gave light to the possibility that the tower is the elusive headquarters of the anti-Cerberus paramilitary organization HADES.

New York Police Department

The New York City Police Department is New York City's premier law enforcement agency, and one of the most feared and respected of its kind in the world. Equipped with technology more advanced than any other local justice organization, the police department is responsible for the protection of over fifty million civilians living in the city. However, their tactics have been considered questionable by many, as well as their true motives.


The police department is equipped with advanced weaponry and equipment, such as stun weapons, bullet resistant armor, and shield technology. Supposedly provided due to an extremely high budget for the law enforcement agency, rumors suggest they are actually products of the United Nations' presence in the area.

Stun Baton

The stun baton is a standard piece of equipment for every officer in the New York City Police Department. Energized with high voltage electricity, the weapon can be set to several power levels, including a lethal mode that can be used to take down dangerous combatants within melee range stealthily and quickly. However, the lower settings allow for the user to either simply stun a target, or render them completely unconscious due to the high powered electricity coursing through its coils.

Energy Shield

A shield protecting its user with pure energy, a wrist-mounted bracelet allows for easy and quick deployment in even the most intense situations. The shield is able to extend to a full body's length with ease, protecting the officer behind it from almost all forward threats. However, it has no backwards or side capabilities, keeping the user exposed in those particular areas.

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