"The Roman people were once a proud people, standing tall above all over nations on the planet. We, as Italians, still have that legacy to bear. That is why I am advocating for the Empire's return, to allow the Italian people to once again stake their claim on the world and become a great superpower." - General Aulus Aurelius, founder of Romano Imperiale

Romano Imperiale, sometimes referred to as Imperium Romanum when translated into Latin, was a right-wing political party centered in Italy that has powerful connections to the military. Its leader, Aulus Aurelius, controlled much of the Italian governmental leadership -- just under thirty percent -- effectively making him and his party one of the largest and influential in its government.

Upon the death of Italian President Firmi, Romano Imperiale's leader ascended to the rank of Emperor, allowing the party to become the official leaders of the new government. All official living political officials of the party received ranks in the new government under Emperor Aurelius.


As a powerful leader of both Italian government and one of the country's most influential military leaders, General Aulus Aurelius claims he is a descendant of the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Able to directly link his lineage back to that of the many Emperors, he believes in the Italian people's ability to rise from their economic and political crises, and to once again take the stage as the world's superpower. Seeing current Italian President Armando Fermi as only a puppet of political forces that would see Italy's place remain unchanged in the world, he is known for his constant denouncement of Italian politics.

Aurelius and his party of political and military supporters call for the return of the Roman Empire, which they believe to be Italy's peak, as well as the zenith of the nation's people.

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