The Strategic Acute Pain Calculator or SAPC, is a medical auto-injector used by Cerberus Contracting. It works as an armored exo-skeleton applied to the back of the neck. Once attached to the back of the neck, two tubes are applied to two veins. It's goal is to keep the user alive.

The SAPC without it's tubes.


The SAPC is a refined Jet injector, which uses compressed air to penetrate the skin before injecting the liquids into the veins. The first tube leads to the lower body, including legs, arms, and the center mass. The second tube leads to the head in case of trauma.

The SAPC has approximately two injections worth of Morphine, one injection worth of Epinephrine, and one injection of Mannitol, stored in it's containment area. In the technological compartment of the SAPC it contains equipment to measure, the heart, blood pressure, and other vitals.

The compartment bay of the SAPC can be changed out to house blood (According to the user's blood type.) or Penicillin.

The SAPC keeps tabs on vitals while on. With each varying situation it may administer certain drugs, based on their vitals. The SAPC during combat operations takes a blood sample every thirty minutes and may administer drugs that way. The SAPC however may not administer drugs based on the users background, blood sample, or manual over ride.

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