"When I heard what it was for, I had no idea. To think that Rook Bowman would be on the battlefield, I'm pretty damn jealous of the DU for getting to see that."

- R&D Division Operator

The Berserker is the personal warmachine of Rook Bowman. Though it is a warmachine, it can also be classed as Rook's CCU (Cerberus Combat Uniform) as he is not seen out of it often. Adapted for Rook's new synthetic body, the design itself was constructed by Rook. The Berserker is designed for medium-to-close range combat. Due to Rook's new synthetic body, there are no physical restraints when it comes to operating the Berserker, making it a nearly unstoppable force.

With a sleek design that matches Rook's personal taste, the Berserker stands at 7 feet tall to create an imposing nature. The weapon systems are designed not only to create maximum damage and destruction, but also to demoralize enemies.

Because of the suit's size and strength, the Berserker can destroy most structures easily.


The Armor

The Armor is made of Anjelium, the rare material mined in Libya during Cerberus' deployment in 2020. Meshed with carbon fire and tungsten, the Berserker suffers from a heavy payload. Due to this, jump packs have been added to the back panel of the chest plate in order to the suit to cover large distances in a short amount of time. Padding meshes are attached to the inner walling of the suit to prevent small arms fire from penetrating the armor.

The Armaments

  • x 1 Electrically charged left gauntlet - designed to dispense an electric charge upon contact
    • The gauntlet is used for crowd control. Once the gauntlet comes in contact with an individual or a surface, three prongs extend and dispense a high voltage charge in three directions in front of the Berserker, allowing multiple targets to be hit at once
  • x 1 Jump pack - Utilized to reach distances in a short amount of time
  • x 1 Shotgun in the right gauntlet
    • A miniature shotgun used for medium range combat is located in the right gauntlet. Double-barreled, the shotgun extends below the wrist of the gauntlet connected to an ammo belt that feeds different shell types depending on the situation or user's preference. Ammo types include: Dragon, Buckshot, Turkey Round, Rubber Bullets and Pepper Rounds
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