"Am I reading this right? We're convoying 'The Board'? Command must be playing a prank on me. That's just a joke Command made up. Right?"

- Cerberus Driver

The Board is the designation for the Director's personal guard. Highly trained, highly efficient, these Operators are trained from recruitment for the sole purpose of acting as a security force for the Director. They are rarely seen as both Bowman and Spyker only rely on them when they're not with the Director's Unit.

Mostly myth to most of Cerberus, The Board is rumored to be legends in terms of combat. Each member has a white rook on the right pauldron of their armor.

Official Members

Each member of The Board is assigned a chess specific code name, at Rook's discretion. Each one has specialized training.


King is the oldest member of The Board and considered the Squad Leader. He was one of the first Rook recruited into his personal squad. He keeps a direct line of contact with Rook and is usually always seen by his side. He is a master of CQC.


Queen is the second-in-command and is King's right hand. She has a knack for technology and utilizes a cloaking device to monitor The Board during missions. She considers herself a master hunter and prefers to use long range rifles. Some of her tactics are used as training guides for CSO Sniper Training.


Knight is the explosives expert. He is the more vocal of the group, to Rook's amusement, and consistently tries to crack jokes to Rook. He is the most easily identifiable by all the scorch marks on his armor.


Bishop is medic within The Board. The "strong and silent" type, Bishop tends to The Board in the field and is known to use biological warfare in the form of chemical weapons. He uses a modified rifle that can fire rounds as well as darts which are believed to be poisoned.


Pawn is the newest recruit within The Board and is often considered the "fresh meat". Queen looks after her like a mother figure, much to Knight's amusement. Pawn is considered a jack of all trades and takes tutelage from each member to utilize all of her skills. She is intimidated by Rook, which the rest of The Board tease her for.

The Board

From Left to Right

Knight, Bishop, King, Queen, Pawn

Honorary Members

The Emperor

The Emperor has been participating in the Board's operations almost as long as King has. Though not officially a member of the team, he often fights alongside them when necessary or when one of the Directors views it to be so. As a master of stealth and long range rifles, he gets along quite well with Queen, though appears to freak out Pawn. Despite often working with them, the Board does not know his true identity nor what is under his mask.

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