"The company is truly becoming a spectacle, Aaron. This building will serve as both a message and a reminder to the world of Cerberus' true potential."

-- Director Rook Bowman to Deputy Director Aaron Spyker

The Headquarters, more commonly referred to as the Seattle Headquarters, served as the first public and official headquarters of Cerberus Contracting. Being constructed only after the organization began to gain international fame, the building was built in Seattle, Washington in the United States in order to solidify their presence in and good business relations with the country. Its construction made news all over the world, causing even the President of the United States of America to be present for its grand opening. The Headquarters was strategically placed in order to allow the private military company to control all of its assets with ease.



Following the Director's Unit's near discovery of the missing-in-action Aaron Spyker, the United States Military launched a preemptive strike on the headquarters in an effort to eliminate their acting Director, Melina Ozpin, as well as completely wipe their presence off the face of the earth, effectively cutting off the head of the best. Though the company was caught by surprise by the attack, Director Melina Ozpin managed to escape narrowly with only minor injuries. The same could not be said for the headquarters, however, as it was completely demolished by the military's assault. Access to the location is now completely restricted.

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