The Wisemen are the members of the tyrannical oligarchy in command of the Confederation of the New British States. A collection of extremely influential businessmen and women who have risen to political power through calculated risks, backstage negotiations, and clever money schemes, the Wisemen have converted the once-democratic United Kingdom into a fascist confederation now including the entirety of Ireland.

The Wisemen, despite being political leaders of the country, still maintain their positions within their respective corporations, allowing them access to the Confederation's resources to further their goals. This has greatly advanced the nation's technological prowess, making it one of the most, if not the absolute futuristic in the world.

Though the Wisemen's tyrannical mindsets would normally be frowned upon by the United Nations, their power and influence has allowed the country to remain a key member of the world council.


Delegation of Power

While all Wisemen still maintain control over the corporation or business that brought them to power, they are each responsible for one sector of the Confederation of the New British States. Each sector houses the headquarters for its controlling government, and generally focuses heavily on the corporation of its respective leader. The Wiseman in control of a particular sector has total reign, and can run it as they please. Activities or decisions spanning multiple sectors must be discussed between the Wisemen of the sectors involved, and those which involve the entirety of the nation must be decided on by the entire Wisemen council.


A map of the Confederation of the New British States outlining which sectors are in control by which Wisemen.

Decisions regarding outward military actions, foreign affairs, nation-spanning economics and development projects, or anything not exclusively maintained within a Wiseman's sector must also be discussed and decided upon by all of the Wisemen.

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