"Accidents are bound to happen, and we should still keep faith in our operators. Some simply require retraining. For that purpose, Vault Expunged exists. A hub for our 'less-than-desirable' operators that need proper 'motivation' to return to their once productive selves."

- Rook Bowman, discussing Vault Expunged to Aaron Spyker

Vault Expunged is the name of the vault that exists for the sole purpose of retraining operators that were deemed unfit for duty. A myth to most operators, it serves as a deterrent to motivate operators to remain at their best. Only those that have ever been to Vault Expunged can confirm its existence.

Staffed with elite training personnel and the basic necessities, Vault Expunged is the last resort in order to prevent operators from being terminated. Those that arrive to Vault Expunged and fail to meet the standards never return.

"I'm getting sent to Vault Expunged as a training coordinator. Did I piss off Rook Bowman himself to get this kind of punishment?"

- Unknown Operator upon receiving her transfer orders to Vault Expunged

Operators sent to Vault Expunged are stripped of rank and gear, given "recruit suits" and instructed by the Training Coordinator similar to how United States utilizes Drill Sergeants and Drill Instructors. Some take their position quite seriously, though others believe they are being punished themselves. This leads to some incidents when "training accidents" occur, in which case the Internal Affairs Division sends operators to investigate.

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