William Chambers




Biographical Characteristics

MaleIcon Male

Years of Age

61 Years Old

Date of Birth

February 2nd, 1965


Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Physical Characteristics


Hair Color

Peppered Grey/White

Eye Color


Professional Characteristics

United States Congress, Cerberus Contracting

Former Affiliation(s)

South Carolina State Legislature


United States Congressman



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William Chambers is an accomplished United States Congressman from South Carolina. Born in Charleston, he went to law school in New York in order to give him the necessary experience to rise to the South Carolina House of Representatives.

An American patriot at heart, William quickly realized the rising corruption in the United States government, and made moves behind the scenes in order to combat it. He is publicly aggressively outspoken about the threat that Cerberus Contracting presents to the world, and uses his position as on the the House Foreign Relations Committee in Congress, as well as his spot on the House Armed Forces Committee, to further his anti-Cerberus agenda.

However, during his time in New York, Chambers met Ryan Knox, the current Director of Cerberus Contracting, and actually uses his political influence over the United States government to relay critical information to his old friend, as well as truly work towards a better country.


William Chamber was born in Charleston, South Carolina to a wealthy family in 1965. His roots traced back to the original settlers of the town, and thus he received a world class private education. His father was a successful doctor and his mother a stay at home mom.

South Carolina State House of Representatives

At the age of 25 William Chambers was fresh out of law school, but he was a pragmatic individual with a powerful family name. At the behest of the local Republican party he was for the South Carolina General Assembly being elected to its lower house. He served with distinction for 2 terms (4 years) before being urged to move on to a higher calling.

United States Congress

He was elected to the United States Congress having received over 60% of the vote in his 'blue' district despite being republican. He was elected to congress at the age of 30 and received a no nonsense reputation. This earned him the position of chairman of the powerful 'House Foreign Relations Committee' and a position on the 'House Armed Forces Committee.' Eventually he would become his parties whip.


William Chambers is quiet and pragmatic man. He has a hardliner attitude and plans everything 5 moves ahead. He is, however, charming and pragmatic when he needs to be. After all you do not win a campaign for public office by keeping your mouth shut.

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