"You cannot do this without me, Krane. Ensure my name is on the ballot."

-- Zachary Croft speaking with Damien Krane about his potential in the upcoming vote for the leaders of HADES.

Zachary Croft

Vice Chairman


Damian Krane



Biographical Characteristics

MaleIcon Male

Years of Age


Date of Birth

February 29th, 1997


London, United Kingdom

Physical Characteristics



6'3" approx.


190lbs approx.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Characteristics

United Nations
British Confederacy

Former Affiliation(s)

Driftshadow Intelligence


Vice Chairman [HADES]
Executive Intelligence Officer [BC]

Marital Information
Marital Status




Personal Information
Mental Alignment

Neutral Evil





Zachary Croft is the current Vice Chairman of HADES, the anti-Cerberus Contracting organization funded by the United Nations. He presently resides over the company, taking a personal role in most of its divisions, more specifically the Taskmaster division. As a matter of fact, he is the creator of such, and watches its progress closely.

In the absence of Chairman Damien Krane, Croft takes personal command over the company. Though the two sometimes come to odds with each other, they both realize their positions within the organization, and take to action whenever it is necessary.


A gifted computer specialist in grade school, Zachary Croft grew up as somewhat of an outcast among his school mates. Living in the capital of the United Kingdom for his entire childhood, he was quickly offered a position in British military intelligence right out of high school, where he served a brutal career as an agent. He was never shy, and understood that sometimes people have to die to protect the government's secrets.

However, Croft was eventually discharged three years later from intelligence after a string of stolen data and documents were traced back to him. With a passion for technology and intelligence, Croft eventually started his own freelance intelligence organization named Driftshadow International.

Based in the United Kingdom, the intelligence organization, though starting with legal intentions, quickly realized it wasn't exactly making bank. With that in mind, Zachary converted his company into a front of human trafficking, which proved to be much more profitable. With his crimes going completely undiscovered for years, he was nearly torn down by an investigation being lead by the British government in mid-2022.

However, the investigation was suddenly halted with the rise of the Confederation of the New British States. As a wealthy businessman, Croft saw eye to eye with the Wisemen, and eventually struck a deal with them to integrate his organization into the government as its new intelligence and 'internal affairs' department, with members of which being known as 'Servitors.' Croft purged Driftshadow of all non-essential personnel and moved his headquarters to Nexus Isle, the hub of the British government.

With his Servitors stalking both their own and foreign citizens and terrorizing them alike, Croft was contacted by a representative about yet another tempting offer. The United Nations, which had already chosen Krane as the leader for its brand new anti-Cerberus Contracting organization, was looking for candidates for its second-in-command. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to expand his power, Croft ensured he was on the ballot, and had the proper amount of votes to be elected.

Zachary Croft was quickly chosen as HADES' Vice Chairman, where he immediately began implementing technology from the British Confederacy and its intelligence branch, which he still held an honorary position in.

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