Zulde’s early life was simple and productive. He grew up in

Australia with his mum, Kay. A few years after his birth, his father – an engineer who specialized in long-range artillery – was sent off to an undisclosed location for a secret project. Zulde’s mother worked as a firearms instructor at the local gun range, and as such, Zulde learned how to use and handle firearms. This became very useful to him in his early teens, due to a sharp increase in armed robberies in his hometown. On the eve of Zulde’s 17th birthday, a strange band of outlaws broke into his home. After a few short bursts of gunfire, Zulde heard several footsteps running into the distance. When he came to the scene, his mother was sitting against a wall, clutching his father’s prized gun – a Winchester Model 1901. Two thugs lay dead on the floor beside her. The closer one was missing a hand and the right side of his head. Kay looked at Zulde with worry and handed him the gun. “They were after this. That means they must know what happened to your father. I’m going after them.” Zulde’s mother grabbed her hunting gear from the cabinet and ran out the door, “If I don’t come back in two days, find your father and tell him I love him!” She never returned. A fortnight had passed before Zulde set foot outside of his home. From that day until he turned 24, Zulde hunted any outlaws he could find. After 7 years of hunting outlaws, Zulde finally found his answer. He found someone who was connected to those intruders from 7 years ago. Unfortunately, it was one of the outlaws’ daughter, Lanni. Lanni was a sweet girl, about his age, and she even gave him flowers when he knocked on her door. Zulde uttered his first words in 7 years. Over the next 5 years, Zulde lived with Lanni and developed a romantic relationship. The two got married on the summer of 2018. A year later, Zulde received a postcard in the mail. It read, “Dear Zulde, I hope this finds you. My name is Beldor. I am a friend of your father’s. Getting this to you required almost all of my resources. Finding us would take some global talent, but I hope this helps.” Attached to the postcard was a locker key. Afterwards, Zulde went into the mercenary business, disappearing similarly to his father.

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